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In the company of authentic Gaspesians, enjoy the telling of the story of the Robin and LeBoutillier Brothers companies. Chat with the blacksmith or the marine carpenter or even watch a humorous skit.

With its eleven classified buildings, the site constitutes one of the most important heritage complexes relating to the fishing industry. Click on the buildings to discover them.


Our exhibitions tell the story of the inhabitants of Paspébiac, whether they were fishermen, artisans or administrators. Through photographs, films and interactive installations, this is an opportunity to dive into a story of unsuspected importance, the international cod trade.

LeBoutillier Warehouse
Entrepôt LeBoutillier
Paspébiac 1886
A social history of fisheries told by the Gaspé poet Philippe Garon, accompanied by photographic, sound and visual installations.
Expositions & bâtiments 7
Portraits of residents of Jersey
In an interactive and playful way, Charles Robin tells you his own side of the story. Also discover the portraits of other descendants of the island of Jersey.
Carpentry shop
Expositions & bâtiments 4
Life at the shipyard
History of the Charles Robin and Company shipyard: construction techniques, types of ships and a number of original artefacts!
Expositions & bâtiments 3
Try, try again ...
To know everything about the manufacture of barrels used for maritime transport.
LeBoutillier Hangar
Expositions & bâtiments 2
General store
General store, costumed photography studio and craft store.
Public art
Expositions & bâtiments 1
(Sea of People) Permanent installation
Work by artist François Mathieu evoking boats, immigration and the settlement of the first inhabitants of Paspébiac.

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